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Mesa Counts on College
Access Center
City of Mesa
635 E. Broadway Rd. Mesa, AZ 85204 
(480) 644-3005

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Have any questions about the Access Center or about college in general?  Below is a handy FAQ for you to use, but be sure to check out our Services Offered and Resources pages if you're looking for more detailed information.

Still have questions that we can answer?  Contact us!  We're here to help you.

  • Mesa Counts on College

    • Are children welcome at the Access Center?

    • Are there any jobs at the Access Center?

    • Can anyone use the computers?

    • Can I bring family members and friends with me to the Access Center?

    • Can I do my homework at the Access Center?

    • How long can I use the Access Center's services?

    • Is there a cost to use the center?

    • What can I wear at the Access Center?

    • What if I went to college and dropped out or if I need to take the GED?

    • What is the Mesa Counts on College Access Center?

    • What types of services are available at the Access Center?

    • When is the Access Center open?

    • Where is the Access Center located?

    • Who can go to the Access Center?

    • Who staffs the Access Center?

  • General College Questions

    • Can I get financial aid if my parents are higher income earning?

    • Can I still go to college with a "C" average?

    • Do I have to take the SAT and/or ACT?

    • Should I go to community college or a university if I'm an adult?

    • What is a good ACT/SAT score?

    • What is considered a "Good" college?

    • What is the difference between a certificate program and a degree program?