Tips for Parents and Families

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It is important that students be supported and guided through the post-secondary preparation and application process. Parents and families can serve as a great support source by providing knowledge and assistance with the various steps needed to take before entering a post-secondary institution. Below are a few tips for parents and families when assisting your students:

  • Sign up for parent/family workshops at the Mesa Counts on College Access Center here.
  • Supply your child with the necessary financial information needed to apply for financial aid and support (i.e. annual income, completed tax documents, social security numbers, marriage/divorce dates)
  • Offer your support and help as needed.
  • Keep discussions open about the different colleges and their requirements for admission.
  • Help maintain schedules regarding application deadlines.
  • Assist with college research methods.
  • Work on the financial arrangements that will support the college education. Explain any financial boundaries or geographic limits to your child.
  • Get educated. Visit websites where free information is available to parents and students.
  • Assist your child with scheduling campus tours as most campuses offer free tours.
  • Review your student’s college application to insure that they are complete and correct to avoid delays.

It is vital that assistance continues beyond the preparation and application process; families and parents must continue to support their students as they navigate their college experience towards a college degree.